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          School Uniform


          504 Gateway Time-out

          Placing your order

          Online:click here to visit the website and order. 

          By post


          Uniform Order Form   
          Send your completed order form with payment by cheque or credit card to SWI.

          By telephone: Call SWI on 0845 519 0099


          Orders over £70 are delivered to home free of charge, within 3-5 days.

          Orders under £70 sent to a home address (or other specified) incur a £4 delivery charge.

          During term time, SWI operates a FREE OF CHARGE weekly delivery service into college.

          Orders will also be able to be made by post or over the telephone. 

          Dressing for Excellence

          School Uniform Expectations

          Dressing for Excellence uniform leaflet

          Shoes to Wear Poster

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