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          Logo PP
          Please click on the logo above to be redirected to the ParentPay website

          Activating your account

          You need to follow each of the following steps in order to activate your ParentPay account.

          1. 去 www.parentpay.com 并点击 登录 tab in the top right corner of the page

          2. 键入 username and password 

             NB these user details are for one-time use only and will become invalid after account activation

          3. Read the on-screen instructions to successfully activate your account 并点击 继续

          4. Read the ParentPay terms and conditions 并点击 in the radial button next to Accept terms and conditions at the bottom of the page 并点击 继续

           没有电子邮件地址 and follow the on-screen instructions; otherwise click 继续
        • Your e-mail address is automatically set as your new user name; we recommend this. Please retype your username in the Confirm username box 并点击 继续

        • Type in a password of your choice in the 新的密码箱,重新键入在 R e-enter new password box. Passwords must be a minimum of six characters long and include at least one letter and one number. 点击 

        • Your account is now activated and you are ready to start making payments.


          点击 我的付款项 标签。

          1. Put a tick in the box to the left of each item you wish to pay for

          2. If required, type the amount and/or quantity you wish to pay for in the 量 

          3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page 并点击 继续

          4. Check the details on the summary page are correct

          5. 点击 继续

          6. Enter your card details in the appropriate fields

          7. 点击 付款

          Checking payments/accounts

          点击 我的账户 标签。

          1. Select the dates between which you wish to view your past payments

          2. 点击 搜索

          3. You can sort the table 通过 clicking on the title of a 柱


           合并我的登录 标签。
          1. 键入 username and password for the child that you wish to merge with this account 并点击 搜索

          2. If the displayed details of the child are correct click on Merge pupils to my account

          If you have more than two children at the school you need to carry out the above steps for each child.

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